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Please contact us via e-mail for quotes at sales[at]netexpresslabs[dot]com.

As the first company to offer computer systems preloaded with Linux, Net Express is happy to assist you with your Linux and FreeBSD configuration questions. Systems may be preloaded with any operating system per request.

We specialize in Custom Computer Systems and Data Center Hardware Including:


Net Express: Who we are...

Net Express was the first computer store to conduct business exclusively on the Internet back in December, 1989. Students at U.C. Berkeley opened Net Express as an non-profit, academic, computer co-op. Our mission was to supply academic researchers and engineers with the best Unix and Unix Clone workstations and servers based on low-cost, commodity x86 hardware. Our quest was to develop clone x86 boxes that could eventually compete with products from SUN, SGI and DEC at a fraction of the cost. As the Internet became increasing commercialized in the early 1990's we evolved into a commercial entity. In addition we added many Internet server product lines for industrial telecom applications. Our current product line includes a variety of servers and workstations which are available preloaded with UNIX, UNIX clones and Windows. We are now a leading supplier of high-end Linux and FreeBSD workstation and servers for universities, government agencies, scientific research institutions and Internet service providers. We emphasize the synthesis of high quality and high performance components.

Computer Systems Prices

All systems are custom made. Each week we search Silicon Valley in a quest for the best hardware and software for our suggested systems.   Our pricing is straight forward; the total cost of a system is merely the sum of the cost of the individual parts. You can buy either parts or a whole system. If you want to make a part substitution or addition you can cut and paste any part and its price from our price list and add it to your system or delete any item. Assembly is free.

Preloaded Operating Systems and Software

Net Express installs a wide variety of operating systems including: Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, MacOS X, and all Microsoft OS's. We can dual or triple boot multiple operating systems at no additional charge except licensing if applicable.

Black Systems

Black systems are available please ask if you would like black components.  

Default Preloaded OS Issues

We pre-load both Linux as part of our 72 hour burn in process. In many cases systems will ship with Linux preloaded even if no OS install is purchased with the system (free test installs may not be as finely configured as our normal Linux installs). If you have not instructed us to install an OS on your system and for any reason you do not want Linux to be installed on your PC please let us know in advance so that we can remove it before shipping.

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