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Net Express was the first computer store to conduct business exclusively on the Internet. In 1989, students at U.C. Berkeley opened Net Express as an non-profit, academic, computer co-op. Our mission was to supply academic researchers and engineers with the best Unix and Unix Clone workstations and servers based on low-cost, commodity x86 hardware. Our quest was to develop clone x86 boxes that could eventually compete with products from SUN, SGI and DEC at a fraction of the cost. As the Internet became increasing commercialized in the early 1990's we evolved into a commercial entity. In addition we added many Internet server product lines for industrial telecom applications. Our current product line includes a variety of servers and workstations which are available preloaded with UNIX, UNIX clones and Windows NT. We are now a leading supplier of high-end Linux workstation and servers for universities, government agencies, scientific research institutions and Internet Service providers. We emphasize the synthesis of high quality, high performance components.

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