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Technical Considerations

There are two styles of keyboards

  1. Spring loaded, Clicking: These are the finest keyboards. They give a positive tactile response. We suggest the Focus 6200.
  2. Membrane, non-clicking: These are cheaper but have no click. If you want this style we suggest the Mitsumi. The Keytronics is also great because it has some positive tactile response without the click. The Microsoft keyboard is the best ergonomic split keyboard - but it will take you about a week to learn how to type on it.

There are several common types of external SCSI connectors

  1. Centronics 50 - The standard large 50 pin narrow SCSI connector used on external SCSI enclosures, scanners and older SCSI controllers. These are very large connectors with no obvious pins and rounded edges.  
  2. HI DB50 SCSI- also called HI50 MicroD or SCSI-II used on narrow SCSI controllers and many SUN and SGI workstations.
  3. HI DB68 SCSI- also called HI68 MicroD or SCSI-III. used on Wide SCSI controllers and some new SUN workstations.
  4. DB25 SCSI- used on MACs and many scanners. These looks like a 25 pin serial connector.
  5. 0.8mm SCSI - These are Wide SCSI connectors also called Ultra High Density Wide connectors. 0.8mm SCSI connectors are frequently found on RAID controllers and many IntraServer brand SCSI controllers. 

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