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Technical Considerations

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All monitors listed meet or surpass MPR-II requirements for ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) and VLF (Very Low Frequency) Radiation. Low frequency radiation like ELF and VLF are probably not harmful because the waves can not penetrate biological tissues like high frequency radiation. However, many people think its good to be on the same side. TCO is a newer standard that is even more strict than MPR-II. TCO compliance is expensive and probably overkill.

Sun Compatibility

Many Sun workstations and servers use a 13W3 connector which includes three pins called sense mode pins. These pins may be grounded in various combinations resulting in a specific set of sense code values. The sense code values describe the monitor to the frame buffer of the graphics card.  Raritan sells a KVM box called the APSSUN which can be used to convert a standard PC signal into the appropriate 13W3 signal and adapts the PS/2 keyboard and mouse connectors.  Rose Electronics also sell Sun converters. See our Keyboards, Floppies, Cables and Mice page for prices. However, a simple and inexpensive adapter can be used to achieve the same end: the Ultraspec #1395. The Ultraspec #1395 adapter reports sense mode 6 to the Sun frame buffer and presents the Sun composite sync to the input pin on the monitor. You can buy this adapter from UltraSpec Cables, Inc., 170 Oberlin Ave. North, Lakewood NJ,  08701, Phone (800) 622-2537, email, See

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